IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme  NEW!

Great news for TESOL-SPAIN members! As IATEFL associates we can now offer 5 IATEFL yearly memberships at the greatly reduced price of £16.00.

If you are interested, please contact our External liaison officer, Catt Boardman on

First come, first served! If you are not among the lucky 5, you can still apply for the IATEFL basic membership rate, which also offers a discount on the standard rate. 

Webinars 2018

November 22nd, 1 p.m. in Madrid

Imaging Pronunciation - from sight to sound with Robin Walker    

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TESOL-SPAIN is happy to announce that Bournemouth English Book Centre have offered a 20% discount for TESOL-SPAIN members who buy through them. For full details follow this route: go to the Members Area, then to 'Access TESOL-SPAIN Documents' and click on Newsletter. Offer expires 31/12/2018


We are working on a project in conjunction with TESOL France to help provide teachers in Africa with teaching materials. This could mean sending any old course books, materials, flashcards, etc. This project will take some time to organise and set up.
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TESOL-SPAIN Green Policy 

Paper is a precious part of our life, with many life-enhancing uses. It can be a sustainable product, but only it if comes from responsible sources and is used efficiently and not wastefully. 
Since 2012, TESOL SPAIN has been giving out USB sticks with session handouts to participants at our Annual Convention to avoid using more paper than strictly necessary. More information available here.


TESOL-SPAIN has been awarded the Platinum EVE for achieving balance of both gender and ‘non-
native’ / ‘native’ speakers across the Madrid 2018 Annual convention plenary line-up.

EVE stands for Equal Voices in ELT. It is an organisation created to recognise both gender and ‘non-native’ / ‘native speaker’ parity in keynotes and plenaries in ELT conferences and events worldwide. More Information here.


TESOL-SPAIN was founded in 1977 as an independent, non-profit making Spanish association of English language teachers. Today, TESOL-SPAIN is a nation-wide organization with a membership that represents all sectors of English language teaching in the country.

TESOL-SPAIN is an associate member of two international teacher associations: TESOL Inc and IATEFL. We also maintain strong links with local teachers’
associations in Spain and abroad.




In compliance with Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, TESOL-SPAIN stands in opposition to discrimination against teachers on the basis of their national, ethnic or linguistic background, religion, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, in terms of hiring, promotion, recruitment for jobs, or employment conditions.

With respect to the common, long-standing notion, unsupported by research, that a certain ethnicity, accent, or national background gives a person an advantage as a teacher of English, TESOL-SPAIN firmly believes that all teachers should be evaluated and valued solely on the basis of their teaching competence, teaching experience, formal education and linguistic expertise. Therefore, TESOL-SPAIN does not condone job announcements that list "native English," "native command of English," "native-like fluency," "standard accented English," or similar, as required or desirable qualities.

Interview with Annie Altamirano (former President TESOL-SPAIN - 2014 - 2018) by Marek Kiczkowiak (TEFL Equite Advocates) on the position statement against discrimination. Here

We are proud to include a badge of support for TEFL Equity Advocates. Click on the image below to go to their webpage for more information.