TESOL-SPAIN Statement on Crisis in Ukraine

The TESOL-SPAIN board shares the world's distress and concern with the events unfolding in Ukraine. It is our hope that the situation will soon come to a peaceful resolution. This is certainly a distressing time for the people of Ukraine and we would appeal to all members to support a peaceful outcome.
TESOL-SPAIN supports all teachers, teacher educators and students who make a change to opinions through education. 


TESOL-SPAIN 46th Annual National Convention

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TESOL-SPAIN Green Policy



TESOL-SPAIN was founded in 1977 as an independent, non-profit making Spanish association of English language teachers. Today TESOL-SPAIN is a nationwide organization with a membership that represents all sectors of English language teaching throughout the country. It is a voluntaryorganization dedicated to addressing pertinent issues for teachers of English in Spain. 
The organization provides a forum for colleagues to meet and share ideas and techniques as well as to discuss professional issues. We aim to keep our members abreast of current concerns, with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of language education in Spain at regional and national events.

TESOL-SPAIN is an associate member of two international teacher associations: TESOL Inc and IATEFL. We also maintain strong links with local teachers’ associations in Spain and abroad.

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TESOL-SPAIN Board and the Salamanca (2020) and Online (2021) Convention Coordinators and their Team would like to thank EVE: Equal Voices in ELT for the award given to the 2020 and 2021 Annual Conventions.  Each year we do our best to ensure that not only the plenary speakers reflect this balance but also keynote speakers and general speakers in the Annual convention as well as in our regional events.

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In compliance with Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, TESOL-SPAIN stands in opposition to discrimination against teachers on the basis of their national, ethnic or linguistic background, religion, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, in terms of hiring, promotion, recruitment for jobs, or employment conditions.

With respect to the common, long-standing notion, unsupported by research, that a certain ethnicity, accent, or national background gives a person an advantage as a teacher of English, TESOL-SPAIN firmly believes that all teachers should be evaluated and valued solely on the basis of their teaching competence, teaching experience, formal education and linguistic expertise. Therefore, TESOL-SPAIN does not condone job announcements that list "native English," "native command of English," "native-like fluency," "standard accented English," or similar, as required or desirable qualities.

Interview with Annie Altamirano (former President TESOL-SPAIN - 2014 - 2018) by Marek Kiczkowiak (TEFL Equite Advocates) on the position statement against discrimination. Here

We are proud to include a badge of support for TEFL Equity Advocates. Click on the image below to go to their webpage for more information.