convention 2016

TESOL-SPAIN 39th Annual National Convention
11-13 March, 2016 - Palacio Europa, Vitoria-Gasteiz 

New July 2015

Plenary speakers now confirmed: Péter Medgyes, Michael McCarthy, Jeremy Harmer

Péter Medgyes


Péter Medgyes, CBE, is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy at Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. During his career he was a schoolteacher, teacher trainer, vice rector, deputy state secretary and ambassador of Hungary. He was a plenary speaker in 45 countries and is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Non-Native Teacher (Macmillan, 1994, winner of the Duke of Edinburgh Book Competition), The Language Teacher (Corvina, 1997), Laughing Matters (Cambridge University Press, 2002), Golden Age: Twenty Years of Foreign Language Education in Hungary (National Textbook Publishing Company, 2011) and Reflections on Language Education (2015, Eötvös Publishing House). His main professional interests lie in language policy and teacher education, with a special emphasis on nonnative English speaking teachers. He can be reached at


"Elfies at large – Beware!”
It is common knowledge that English has become the Lingua Franca the world over. Today the overwhelming majority of communication takes place between nonnative users of English, often in the absence of native speakers. Given this, proponents of the ELF movement, whom I call elfies in my lecture, claim that native English standards need not be followed any longer. After I have subjected this assumption to critical analysis, I conclude that teachers had better follow their own agenda and satisfy their learners’ genuine needs, instead of listening to elfies – or any other researchers, for that matter.


New June 2015

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