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TEFL Resources

  • Rising Stars
    An online guide that provides a useful insight into phonics, with advice for both teachers and parents in regard to how to use them with children. This guide also provides a FAQ and more resources for an in-depth look at phonics.
  • EF Standard English Test  A free, online English test designed to meet the high technical standards of the TOEFL, IELTS and other tests in the field. Give it a try and test your English today.
     A practical site with ideas for using activities with teens by the British Council.
    Another popular site for help with teaching young learners by the British Council.
  • TeachingEnglish
     A useful site with lots of ideas for developing your teaching by the British Council.
  • Dave’s EFL Café
    One of the most successful English language sites on the Internet, lots of content in many different areas.
  • Guardian Education
    A varied collection of news and articles from around the World and related to ELT. There’s also a section with lesson plans at lower and higher levels. From one of the U.K.’s more popular newspapers.
  • Songsforteaching.com
    This site is not only for ELT but also to promote learning through using music. Well worth a look though.
  • Teaching English
    A British Council sponsored site which has become very popular, and is definitely one of the very best. A bank of articles, downloadable classroom activities and links to other sites.
  • Disabled Access Friendly
  • The website provides teachers with free teaching material that can be used in class, for projects or examination practice, but at the same time stimulates students to put themselves in the shoes of someone with a mobility/disability, for a better understanding of their needs and feelings.
  • Bab.la
    An online translation dictionary for a variety of different languages. It also has practical activities to use in the classroom to revise and practise vocabulary.

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