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TESOL-SPAIN webinar programme

Recordings of all TESOL-SPAIN Webinars will appear in the members' area shortly after broadcast. 

To access the recordings: 
Go to your members' area > access TESOL docs > teacher development.

For more information about how to access the content in your members' area click here

The Webinars available in your members' area are the following: 

  • Exploring Visual Resources Series - Dr Daniel Brint 
           Session 1: Animated content
  • Social and emotional learning series-  Monica Rodriguez Salvo            

           Session 1: Introduction to social and emotional learning and self-awareness
           Session 2: Self-regulation and social awareness 
           Session 3: Positive relationships and improved decision making 

  • Using TV commercials in the English Language Classroom - Dr Daniel Brint
  • Using stories to develop Art and Science projects for Primary - Annie Altamirano 
  • Christmas craft selection box - Julia Mena Dobson
  • Imaging pronunciation – from sight to sound - Robin Walker
  • The Image in English Language Teaching - Kieran Donaghy
  • The sound chart workshop - Mark Hancock
  • Teaching Teenagers - Chris Roland
  • Teachers as materials writers: 5 ideas for developing materials writing skills - Kath Bilsborough
  • Assessment: The Write Stuff - Ewa Skurczynska and George Heritage
  • Why won't they learn? - Varinder Unlu
  • Testing Times: Unsderstanding Assessment - Ewa Skurczynska and George Heritage
  • Teaching Pronunciation to Young Learners - Rebecca Place

Click here to access (You'll first need to log into your Member's Area and then go to the Teacher Development tab).