meet the speakers

Learn more about the speakers. Read their answers to our speaker questionnaire. 

Daniela Avello García    Steve Oaks   Borja Uruñuela    Sebastian Paredes    Chris Roland

hris Kuntz    Emilia Carballo     Charlotte Giller   Karen McDonald    Oscar González Cabo

Rebecca Place   Ceri Jones    Michelle Guerrini


Elena Vercher Ribis, First-Time Speaker Grant winner

Daniela Avelló, winner of TESOL-SPAIN Global Grant for speakers from Africa, Asia or Latin America

Ryan Gornall, winner of ROBIN DE ANDRÉS GRANT (presentations relevant to infant, primary and secondary education in Spain). Read the blog entry on his experience at the Convention. 

Nicole Alonge and Shawn Redwood, Comillas Pontifical University 

Teresa Ting, University of Calabria, Italy. Plenary speaker