Webinar Series 2020

This year TESOL-SPAIN has been working hard to offer a Webinar Series offering a variety of sessions for English Teachers.

Our 1st Webinar was by Dr Daniel Brint called Spot On! A webinar on how to use TV commercials in the English Language Classroom.

The 2nd part of our Webinar Series was "Social and Emotional Learning" by Monica Rodriguez Salvo. In this 3-session series Monica shared her experiences with emotional literacy in the classroom.

Session 1: Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning and Self awareness

Session 2: Self- regulation and Social Awareness 

Session 3: Positive relationships and improved decision making

Exploring Visual Resources is the next installment of our Webinar series. Running from October to January each session will show a lesson plan based on a different format – animation, film trailers, short films and commercials.

Session 1: Animated Content