Webinar Series 2020

This year TESOL-SPAIN has been working hard to offer a Webinar Series offering a variety of sessions for English Teachers.

Our Webinar by Chris Walklett called Using Songs to Explore Themes and Language 

Our 1st Webinar was by Dr Daniel Brint called Spot On! A webinar on how to use TV commercials in the English Language Classroom.

The 2nd part of our Webinar Series was "Social and Emotional Learning" by Monica Rodriguez Salvo. In this 3-session series Monica shared her experiences with emotional literacy in the classroom.

Session 1: Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning and Self awareness

Session 2: Self- regulation and Social Awareness 

Session 3: Positive relationships and improved decision making

Roundtable Discussion:

Exploiting Visual Resources is the next installment of our Webinar series. Running from October to January each session will show a lesson plan based on a different format – animation, film trailers, short films and commercials.

Session 1: Animated Content

Session 2: Trailers Now and Then

Session 3: Sharp Shorts

Session 4: Adding Ads

It ain't what you do (It's the way you do it) - How to get the most out of projects with teens" by Laura McWilliams
Teenagers are famous for living very much in the now. As a result, when it comes to projects, secondary students tend to focus on the tangible product – the poster, or final presentation – rather than the process of using English to create whatever it is. Very often, this leads to over-use of the L1 in the preparation stages, and sometimes to an imbalance where one learner does the bulk of the work or makes all the decisions. This webinar presents tips to increase the use of English throughout all the stages of a project. It further demonstrates how to boost teen’s awareness of the life skills involved, such as leadership, communication and collaboration, in order to valorise the process in their eyes.

Managing Challenging Behaviours in Hybrid Teaching with Emily Lee

Although the presence of challenging behaviours in our classrooms is not new, the way in which these behaviours express themselves in hybrid teaching environments has changed. The impact of the pandemic and the new learning landscape has had a dramatic effect on our students’ emotional well-being, how they learn, and how they are able to express themselves. These factors often result in our students experiencing an intense emotional struggle which may find a release in unhelpful behaviour. This session will look at the causes for these behaviours and explore techniques that teachers can implement in class to support our students in these difficult times.

Mediation tasks and strategies. Practical tips for the ELT and CLIL classroom with Riccardo Chippiani

In this webinar we will look at some of the most useful activities and strategies for ELT and CLIL students to mediate texts, concepts and communication. Together, we will analyse a series of relevant tasks and extrapolate the strategies that our primary and secondary students need to use, or need scaffolding for, and then reapply, to complete each one of them. We will also see how most of the activities we already run in class, or find in our ELT or CLIL course book, can be easily and minimally tweaked for us to help our students develop useful mediation strategies.