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8th Regional Teacher Development Event organised by TESOL-SPAIN Extremadura

A round-up of our latest regional event from TESOL-SPAIN Extremadura...

This year in Extremadura there is an additional state exam call for both Primary and Secondary schools to stabilize interim teacher posts. At the same time there have been important legislative changes in the public school curriculum as well as a change in the Regional Government that has tightened exam restrictions, resulting in a perhaps confusing challenge for English teachers looking to take state exams in 2024. For this reason, our TESOL-SPAIN Regional Event in Extremadura was a workshop designed to aid English teachers, at both the Primary and Secondary levels, to prepare their oral defenses in English. 

In two 50-minute sessions, we heard from Julia García Quirós, an English teacher in Secondary school who successfully passed her exam on the first round with a near perfect score. Julia gave helpful tips for defending a learning situation, including how to incorporate concrete examples even with the new restriction on showing materials in the oral defense. We also heard from Pedro Bustamante Arias, a Primary English teacher, now working in the Educational Technology Service and applying his classroom experience to enhance the integration of new technologies into the educational process.  Pedro's candid description of the sometimes exhausting, but very rewarding experience of sitting state exams over several years was both enlightening and entertaining.

The on-line talks were both informative and interesting for the 27 participants who attended, and we wish the best of luck to those sitting the English exams this year.
Published on 03/06/2024

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