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Annual National Convention

When and where it takes place:

The annual three-day National Convention takes place in spring.
It is held either in Madrid or in another major Spanish city.

Who attends:

The TESOL-SPAIN National Convention is attended by a wide variety of EFL professionals. There are teachers from infant, primary and secondary schools, from E.O.I.s, universities, technical schools and academies, as well as teacher trainers, materials writers and course planners. Publishers, ELT researchers, members of testing boards and national and international authors also take part in the Convention.

What’s on offer:

The Convention offers participants a broad range of presentations by national and international speakers, including plenary and  keynote presentations, papers, workshops, theatre performances, round tables and product presentations. There are over 100 presentations on a wide variety of topics which are linked by the annual theme.

There is also an exhibition area where delegates can browse through the latest publications, try out multimedia materials, see what’s on offer from the examining boards and find out about other teaching associations or about professional development courses at home and abroad. There are lots of opportunities for socialising during the Convention, at the opening cocktail on Friday and the Convention dinner on Saturday.

Making a presentation:

Visit our website between the months of May and October to find information about making a presentation along with the presentation proposal form. The closing date for proposals is usually 15th October.

We are always looking for new, experienced, native, non-native, national and international speakers.
A special message to new presenters: even the smallest or simplest ideas may be of interest to us and to our members. You never know until you apply.

Speakers have the opportunity to submit their session as a formal, academic paper for publication in the annual, post-Convention Proceedings in the biannual Selected papers volume.

As a non-profit organization, TESOL-SPAIN wishes to support the professional development of all teachers of English, giving equal access to its National Convention to participants from a variety of national, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. For this purpose, TESOL-SPAIN offers five grants, to help cover expenses while attending the TESOL-SPAIN Annual Convention. For more information, please check our website or contact our Speaker Resource Coordinator.

Homologación / Accreditation:

Every year we apply to the Ministry of Education for accreditation for public school teachers who attend our national convention. More info regarding homologación here.
If you would like to display your product or service at the Convention, sponsor a speaker or other activities, please check the website, stay tuned on our social networks or contact our Publisher Liaison Officer.
If you would like to volunteer, please contact our President.

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Safe registration:

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